How to Decide on Your Wedding Dress Style and Color

It is the wish of almost all, if not all, brides to look their best on their wedding day in a beautiful and stunning dress. But, you will agree with me that it is easier to wish for things that to actually get them done. Some brides simply do not have a clue when it comes to choosing the right wedding dress style and color. I am sure you will appreciate some help in making a choice from all the various options competing for your interest. Here is a guide on how to decide on your wedding dress style and color.

Different wedding dress styles and body types


When you go to a bridal shop for a wedding dress, you will surely be presented with a variety of styles to make your pick from. The most popular styles are the A-Line, Empire, Mermaid, Column/Sheath and Ball Gown. The fact is that you cannot just make a random choice out of all the styles, as each has particular body shape(s) it is suitable for. Let us have a look at these styles, one at a time, and the body type they go with.

A-Line or Princess wedding dress: This is a classic choice for almost all brides. It is particularly recommended for those who may want to cover up what they might consider as flaws in the lower part of their body such as roundness or thinness.

Sheath wedding dress: If you are a slim person, you may want to go for this style. The Sheath/Column is not recommended for brides with big bottom and thighs, as its rather tight-fitting nature could deprive you of comfort on your wedding day. Also, the Sheath style could make it difficult to dance, if you plan to do that.

Empire wedding dress: This style will work perfectly for brides with large busts because it provides covering for the breasts. The Empire wedding dress is also a good choice for pregnant brides or those with big belly since it has enough room for the stomach region.

Ball Gown wedding dress: Most brides will look wonderful in this style featuring a fitted bodice and full skirt, which enhances the waist. The Ball Gown is especially fitting for brides with slender figures. If you are a very short person, you will do well to steer clear of this style.

Mermaid wedding dress: This is perfect for women with curves that need to be accentuated. The Mermaid is a close-fitting style that will look good on brides with hour glass or rectangle body types.

Deciding on color of your wedding dress


When it comes to wedding dresses, white and cream white are the colors commonly used. However, it does not mean you have to go with those as a rule. You may decide to pick a color that complements your skin tan, for example. Also, bright colors are good for casual or outdoor ceremony such as a beach wedding.

The color for your wedding dress will also be determined by the season in which you are getting married. For example, bright colors are good for summer wedding, while peach, pink, turquoise and ivory are among the popular wedding dress colors in spring.


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

So you have done your engagement and you just cannot wait for the set day for your wedding to come. But in the meantime you are at a loss as regards how you will go about picking the perfect wedding dress for your ceremony. If that explains your predicament, it is nothing strange at all. There are different styles of wedding dress on the market such as Empire, A-Line and Column, among others. Each of these styles has particular body types they are suitable for. Just read on for ideas on choosing the wedding dress for your body type.

It may be helpful for you to know that a great number of people belong to one of five main body types. These are apple, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, and hour glass.



This body type is also described as a circle. It refers to the shape of people with full figure from the hips up; that is, people with a full chest. Apple brides have ample busts, thick waist, and slim legs. The perfect wedding dress types for this class of people are those featuring a fitted bodice such as the Ball Gown and the Empire styles.

Hour Glass


If you have a body shape with shoulders and hips that appear almost equal in width, then you are an hour glass. People with this body type usually have ample busts and hips, but a slender waist. The A-Line, Mermaid and Ball Gown are some wedding dress styles that can complement this body type well. One-shoulder and strapless necklines may also go with the style.

Inverted Triangle


This shape describes people with broad shoulders and conspicuous breasts, but with slim hips and waist. Catherine Zeta-Jones should give you an idea of the body type being described here. In order to mimic an hourglass shape, wedding dress with a large skirt will help to balance the slim lower body. You may want to check out the A-Line or Ball Gown dress styles with a low neckline.



If you are familiar with a pear, you should have an idea of what this particular body shape looks like. Also described as triangle, this body type has slim upper portion but broad lower region. A lady with a pear-shaped body will usually have narrow shoulders, chest and waist, but significant hips, butts and thighs. The perfect wedding dress for someone with this shape is one that promotes a balance. Suggested styles include the Empire, Ball Gown and A-Line.



This body type describes people with athletic body build and little curves. The breasts and hips of people with this feature are approximately the same in width. Ladies with rectangle body shapes commonly have slim arms and legs. Majority of the different wedding dress styles will go well with this body type. The A-Line, Mermaid, Empire, Ball Gown and Column wedding dresses will be perfect.

You should be able to determine the perfect wedding dress for your body using the information provided here. But, note that religion, age and weight are still some other factors you may need to consider when making a choice.


A Quick Guide: Using Emotional Freedom Technique to Set Yourself Free

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of the many methods that have been suggested when it comes to dealing with emotional issues. It is actually under an offshoot of alternative medicine described as energy psychology. EFT is among the most popular remedies for stress and other related problems in energy medicine. However, some people still have little or no knowledge on how helpful this treatment can be in dealing with stress and other serious emotional issues. Here is a quick guide on using Emotional Freedom Technique to set yourself free.

What really is Emotional Freedom Technique?


Let’s start by learning more about what EFT is all about. It is a method bearing much semblance to the ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture, which involves targeting certain points to release negative energy. In fact, EFT is sometimes referred to as “acupuncture for the emotions.” However, unlike traditional acupuncture, which involves the use of needles, EFT uses tapping to stabilize emotions. This form of counseling intervention was popularized by Gary Craig in his, “EFT Handbook.” One thing you will like about EFT, which is also known as Tapping Therapy, is that it is quite easy to perform.

How to use Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT involves tapping points on the acupuncture meridian pathways located on the face, hands and trunk to regulate the flow of energy. Here is a rough guide of how to use emotional freedom technique to set yourself free:

Step 1: You start the procedure by identifying the problem you are having and rating its intensity on a scale of 0-10 so that reference can be made to it later on to see if progress is being made.

Step 2: Proceed to set up, which involves tapping the Karate Chop point. This point refers to the fleshy part of your hand that would be used to execute a karate chop, if you were to do one. Use the fingers of your dominant hand to tap on the Karate Chop point of your other hand while repeating a phrase, which acknowledges the problem and shows that you accept yourself despite it, three times. A sample phrase is: “Even though I have this stress, I completely love and accept myself.” You can replace the word “stress” with any other problem you might be having.

Step 3: Now, proceed to touch the points below while saying a reminder phrase which emphasizes the problem such as: “This stress I’m passing through.” These are the points to tap about 4-5 times each while saying the chosen wording:

* Top of your head
* Your eyebrow
* Side of your eye
* Under your eye
* Under your nose
* Your chin
* Collarbone
* Under your arm

You can tap one or both of the tapping points that are in two’s such as your eyes and eyebrows.

When you are done tapping all the mentioned points, you have completed a round of tapping. You may then go ahead to do more rounds of tapping until you are satisfied with the outcome. The feeling may be better when the round is ended on the top of the head


A Brief Guide to Different Types of Wedding Dresses

Every woman preparing for wedding will usually love to look stunning in her dress on the day. And when it comes to a wedding dress, there are different styles that a bride-to-be can make a pick from. The appropriate dress style for would-be brides will usually be determined by individual body type. The different types of wedding dress available include A-Line, Column, Ball, Empire, Mermaid, Basque and Edwardian. However, we will be examining the five most popular dress types.

A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress


This is a classic one among brides. This wedding dress is, perhaps, more popular than any other you can find around. The A-Line is made up of a fitted bodice that flows down to the ground, forming an A shape or an inverted V shape. This wedding dress can be made from any kind of material you prefer and its length could be from just above the knee to full length. You may be able to differentiate the Princess version by its vertical panels running the full length of the dress.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Ball GownThis one is a fanciful wedding dress, obvious in the fact that it is also referred to as the Cinderella or Fairy Tale Wedding Dress. The Ball gown comprises a fitted bodice and full skirt, both of which could come either paired or separated. Its skirt, which is usually big and flares out, could be supported with hoops. If you so desire, you may even go ahead to add a train for more impressive results.

Column or Sheath Wedding Dress


This represents a deviation from the some other types of wedding dress in that it somehow hugs the body of a bride, thereby emphasizing some curves. Also known as the Sheath, the Column wedding dress has a narrow cut and hangs down vertically from the neckline down to the floor. Usually, it does not flare out at the hem like some other dress types. The Column wedding dress looks more like an average evening gown and could be anything from a mere slip dress to a well coutoured one.

Empire Wedding Dress


You can be able to tell an Empire style wedding dress by its raised waistline and seam just below the bust. The dress flows gracefully down from the bust area to the floor. There is no rigid rule on what the sleeve look like; you may decide on a sleeveless dress or one with longer bell sleeves. An Empire dress often comes with a square neckline, but any other styles may also be used.

Mermaid Wedding Dress


If you are looking for another closely-fitting alternative to the Sheath or Column wedding dress, this may serve you well. As a matter of fact, a Mermaid wedding dress tends to show more curves because it hugs the body tighter than a Column dress. But, this particular dress flares out from the thighs or knees down to the floor; this is why some also call it Trumpet wedding dress. It is available in strapless form as well as some other forms.

Obviously, you have enough options to make a choice from when picking the perfect dress for your memorable day. So, go ahead!


5 Top Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Dress

Many things are considered during the process of planning a wedding and primary among this, for most ladies, is a wedding dress. Every bride desires to be the center of attention on her day; hence, the craving for the perfect wedding dress. You may likely be having difficulty as to how you can select the right dress for your wedding. Not to worry, presented here are top five tips for choosing a perfect wedding dress.

1. Set a budget

The first thing that is advisable to do when planning to go get that wonderful dress is to sit and note how much you are willing to spend on getting it. Make sure that you also include what it will cost you to get your shoes and other needed accessories. Granted that you might end up not spending the exact amount of money stipulated, could be more or less, a budget provides an idea of a particular range where you want the amount of money you will spend to fall. It is not enough to have a budget of how much to spend; you need to try as much as you can to stick to it.

2. Get a friend’s opinion


It is also advisable that you take a trusted friend (female) along when going to get your wedding dress. You will be able to avail yourself of any useful opinion they might have as regards the perfect choice to make. While an opinion of the groom-to-be also matters, most men are not that much interested in matters of fashion, especially that for wedding. Besides, your partner may feel you are bothering him when you keep going to him for tips on the best wedding dress.

3. Find proper length


Wedding dresses usually differ in length and it is important to note that the length that could be considered suitable for a particular situation may not be for another. The appropriate length of dress may be determined on the basis of whether the wedding will be formal or casual. Full-length dresses, probably with a train, are recommended for formal or church ceremonies. On the other hand, short wedding dresses are better for casual or outdoor ceremonies to avoid a situation of dirt gathering under the bride.

4. Go for what suits you, not trend


Some brides make the mistake of going with what is in fashion when picking a wedding dress, instead of choosing something that they find comfortable. You need to imagine the perfect ambience you desire for your ceremony and choose a dress that will fit into it seamlessly. The perfect wedding dress should fit you well and make you feel like a standout on your day, even though it may not be exactly trendy.

5. Set aside enough time

The proper thing to do when going to get your wedding dress is to set aside a day on which you are likely to be less busy. This will allow you enough time to try on not only the dress, but also veils, shoes and other accessories you want to use without being rushed into making a decision due to lack of sufficient time.

After all, it is your day. Do all you can to make it one to remember; a perfect wedding dress could help.


3 Most Common Causes of Stress and How to Stop Them

There is hardly anybody living that will claim never to have experienced stress at one time or another in life. It is a scary reality of life. But, individuals differ in terms of their ability to deal with stressful events. While some fuss over every little thing, others simply take everything as it comes. Different factors play a role in determining whether someone will become stressed or not, but some of these are more common than others. This article focuses on three most common causes of stress and how to stop them.

Most Common Causes of Stress

1. Job: In the effort to make ends meet, especially to put food on the table, you have to work for the required resources; you can become stressed in the process of doing so. There are certain expectations that your employer may have of you and this could heap too much pressure on you. Imagine your boss overloading you with tasks to carry out and breathing down your neck that set deadlines have to be met by all means; that is a predicament you sure would not relish. Stress will come when a person’s work becomes too demanding and boring, with constant fear of being dismissed also worsening the matter.

2. Family and friends: The relationships we have could also exert unwanted pressures on us sometimes. While you are trying to meet the demands of your job, you also have to meet certain demands in your home for peace to reign. You may feel yourself becoming burdened by the needs of your parents, siblings, relatives, spouses and children. In addition, misunderstanding may arise between you and friends. All these can cause a feeling of stress.


3. Financial issues: These, as a matter of fact, should be described as the main cause of stress. An international poll in 2009 revealed that most people in some countries considered issues related to finances as the top cause of stress. If you have some unpaid bills begging for attention, you sure know how uncomfortable and, perhaps, fearful you may feel.

How to deal with causes of stress

1. Discuss with your boss: If you believe that you are being loaded with work more than you can handle, given the set deadlines, you may need to find the courage to speak with your superior about this. You could find yourself breaking down under the workload if you do not speak out. You may also need to improve your time management skills and become better organized.

Business meeting with digital tablet

2. Get help: You may need to speak with a professional if you notice that stress is threatening to break your relationships apart. Discuss with family and friends to explain your situation so that they can properly modify their expectations of you.

3. Learn how to manage money: In order for you to eliminate the financial problems that could cause you to have stress, you will need to work on your money management skills. It is advisable to have a record of your income and expenses to provide a clear idea of your finances for you to identify areas to improve on to



3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Brides-to-be often tend to be more active than their partners when it comes to preparation for a wedding. Since the wedding day is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of couples’ lives, brides usually desire to be decked in the perfect wedding dress. But still, some do make mistakes in their choice of dress. In this article, three mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding dress will be discussed.

1. Choosing a wrong size


You may be surprised to learn that would-be brides sometimes settle for wedding dresses that do not size them. You may wonder how this is possible considering that opportunity is usually provided for them to first try a dress on before buying. A fact you need to realize is that the size of a woman’s body is not constant; it varies all through an average month. These changes in body sizes could be due to the amount of sleep she gets, the food she eats and her menstrual cycle. It is highly essential to know your normal size and shop for your wedding dress when you are not bloated to avoid buying one too big.

 2. Making a choice mainly based on price

It is commonly advised that before you start planning for your wedding you should draw up a budget and make every effort to stick to it. But as a result of this advice, some brides-to-be make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on price. Most of the time such people end up with sample wedding dresses, which usually come heavily discounted. But the question to ask is: why the high discounts on these dresses? The answer lies in the fact that here are dresses that have been tried on over and again by different women and have seen a drop in their quality. In order to make the dresses attractive to unsuspecting brides-to-be, they are sent to professional cleaners who will make them look like new again. The summary of the long story is that you should not be too rigid when it comes to price consideration. Save yourself the embarrassment that a cheap, low quality dress can cause you when it malfunctions on your wedding day.


3. Going with a multitude

There is this common saying about too many cooks spoiling the broth; that saying couldn’t be truer when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. It is true that a common recommendation is that you go with friends to be able to make a better choice, but this does not mean you have to go with your mother, sisters, friends and even friends of friends when buying your dress. It is very likely that these people will have diverse opinions on what you should choose and you may end up getting confused, making you settle for a dress you might regret buying later on. One or two reliable friends are enough to take along.

There you have three of the mistakes you need to avoid when choosing your wedding dress. I think it is also helpful to say that you do not need to go with what is in vogue in wedding fashion; instead, pick something that fits you and your wedding theme.

Kristi and Brad

Top 5 Wedding Regrets You Should Avoid

A wedding day is one of the most memorable days that any married person can have in life. It is a day that ideally should be full of joy and many great things. However, there are some people who cannot help but wish that things could have gone much better. Here are top five wedding regrets you should avoid when planning for this wonderful event.

1. Trying to do it all alone

Wedding planners are experts with sufficient knowledge of how marriage ceremonies should go. But some couples make the mistake of wanting to do everything by themselves; a decision that would almost always prove costly for such people, unless they have deep knowledge in that regard. This is not to say that you cannot source by yourself information that could be helpful in having a great celebration, but that everything should not be left for you, your family and friends alone to handle. In order to avoid the regret that your wedding could have been better, it is ideal to seek professional assistance.

2. Failing to take drinking into consideration

While it is not a bad thing for drinks to be served freely at an occasion, you may regret the decision if you decide to choose an open bar for where to have your reception. A location like this one will likely promote drunkenness, something that could ruin your celebration. You sure do not want your best man running after your mother or mother-in-law having taken too many drinks. It is therefore advisable to choose a place that does not promote excessive drinking. Alternatively, you may decide on an alcohol-free event or limit the availability of alcoholic drinks. This will also help you in avoiding the temptation of drinking too much so as to deal with the nerves.

3. Making the wrong choice of a photographer


Pictures help to preserve memory for many years to come. But this memory may be preserved in a poor manner if an amateur or unskilled photographer is hired to cover the event. This is an event in your life that will probably come only once and you do not want to miss anything. It may be the last time you will see certain people together in a place again, and it will be painful if these moments are missed or captured poorly. So do not just focus on cost in hiring a photographer, but on quality.

4. Focusing too much on details

A wedding day is one to be enjoyed, but you find some couples focusing more on the details than enjoying themselves. Do not spend too much time focusing on things that could have been better; everything may not be perfect. Instead, enjoy the company of family and friends that have come to celebrate with you.

5. Having too big a ceremony


Another of the top 5 wedding regrets is failure to keep the number of invited guests under manageable limit. Some couples bow to the pressures from other people to invite many guests, with great costs implication on them. The advisable thing is to have a budget and tailor the number of invited guests toward that to avoid regrets later on.


How to Plan an Unforgettable Wedding Reception

One of the things that couples are often afraid about when planning their wedding is how to make the reception one for invited guests to have good lasting memory of. If you are in the same situation at the moment, here are some tips on how to plan an unforgettable wedding reception.

Consider budget

Perhaps, the first thing that you need to do when planning for an unforgettable wedding ceremony is to work on drawing up a budget. You will need to make a list of all items that you are going to need for the reception. Problems may crop up later on regarding finances if a clear picture of all items needed to make the reception a great one was not obtained beforehand. With a budget in place, make every effort to stick to it.

Choosing a location


After you must have taken care of your budget, the next step is to find a perfect location for your wedding reception. Will you be using a church’s facilities or a hotel for the ceremony? You may need to first have a look at your budget before making a decision on the right location. In choosing a location or venue, consideration should be given to the number of guests it can accommodate comfortably. The ease of the invited guests finding the venue should also be considered as well as the availability of the place on the date and time you have chosen. If you also happen to have a theme in mind, ensure that the location you are settling for matches it.

Decorating the venue


Decorations have a part to play in making that unforgettable wedding reception a reality. As you will agree, ambiance makes a huge impression on people. You will need to ensure that everything at the venue matches the theme you have in mind, if any. Seats and tables for the event deserve special attention, as regards number and theme-matching center pieces that will be needed. Flowers, place cards, streamers or candles will enhance the decorations and assist guests in locating their assigned places. Walls and angles should also be adequately decorated.

Mouthwatering Menu


To underline the importance of food, social functions are considered synonymous with food in some places. This shows that menu also has a role to play in making a wedding reception unforgettable. It may not be enough to settle for whatever your caterer has to offer for the menu. You could sample the opinions of friends and families on the sort of foods that they consider best for such an occasion. You can then pass on such information to your caterer to work with, while also paying attention to your pre-determined budget for the wedding reception. Alternatives should also be planned for people allergic to certain foods.

Good music


Your wedding reception may not be unforgettable if proper care is not given to entertainment of guests. You are going to need the service of a good DJ or band to provide music, depending on the setting and taste. Ensure to include songs that family and friends like on the playlist for the reception.

Handling Arguments During Wedding Planning

It may not be entirely possible to avoid arguments in the build up to a wedding. It is natural for two parties to differ on some points once in a while; so it is nothing unusual for would-be couples to have their own differences. But if care is not taken, these arguments could lead to a serious breakdown. Here are some useful ideas on handling arguments during wedding planning.

Money issues

Finance is usually at the root of many disagreements that you can imagine. It is also one of the main points of arguments between lovers. When one of the two partners is making plan to buy things that the other considers rather costly, a potential shouting match may be in the making. For example, while you, say the lady, may desire an expensive gown, the man may be in opposition due to financial considerations. In order to avoid disagreements over issues relating to money, it is advisable for the two of you to sit down well before set date for your wedding to set a financial target and work toward it. You should also realize that a great wedding is not about putting on a costly dress or fancy stuffs; compromises have to be made.

Guest list

Disagreements could also arise between would-be couples over who and who to invite to their ceremony. For example, the bride-to-be may not be happy that the list of invited guests being drawn up by her partner keeps getting longer by the day, without the people in question offering support in one way or another. Instead of getting mad in such a case, you should gently call the attention of your partner to the implication that the list could have on your finances, if support will not be coming from anywhere.

Decision making

There is this somewhat mistaken belief that the wedding day belongs to the lady. This makes some would-be brides to want to dominate the whole planning process. But, this is wrong. Decisions should be made together to avoid any shock later. If there is anything you like to happen for your wedding, tell your partner and reach a compromise. You will need to master doing this because it will be greatly needed after you might have gotten married.


Arguments may also arise over where to have the wedding. It is possible that while one partner desires for it to take place somewhere, the other may not be in support at all. For instance, the lady may be opposed to the idea of having the wedding where her man’s family lives. Instead of opposing your partner’s choice straightaway, you may want to ask why they desire the particular location. Alternatively, agreement may be reached to have two small parties instead of a big one in a particular place.

Past relationships

It is rather impossible to completely forget all the people we once knew. For this reason, it may not be advisable for you to oppose your partner’s decision to invite a past lover to your wedding. You may actually do better having such people as friends than seeing them as rivals.